Publications 2008


Kraaijeveld, K (2008) Wetenschappelijke scheurkalender; Natuur & Techniek wetenschapsmagazine. [seven contributions; popular science]

Kraaijeveld, K (2008) Non-breeding habitat preference affects ecological speciation in migratory waders. Naturwissenschaften 95: 347-354.

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Maan, ME and M Taborsky (2008) Sexual conflict over breeding substrate causes female expulsion and offspring loss in a cichlid fish. Behavioral Ecology 19: 302-308

Maan ME, Van Rooijen AMC, van Alphen JJM, Seehausen O (2008) Parasite-mediated sexual selection and species divergence in Lake Victoria cichlid fish.  Biological journal of the Linnean Society 94: 53-60

Pannebakker BA, Garrido NRT, Zwaan BJ, van Alphen JJM (2008) Geographic variation in host-selection behaviour in the Drosophila parasitoid Leptopilina clavipes. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 127: 48-54

Seehausen, O, Terai, Y, Magalhaes, IS, Carleton KL, Mrosso HDJ, Miyagi R, van der Sluijs, I, Schneider, MV, Maan, ME, Tachida, H, Imai, H & O Norihiro (2008) Speciation through sensory drive in cichlid fish. Nature 455: 620-626

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van der Sluijs, I, Van Dooren, TJM, Hofker, KD, van Alphen, JJM, Stelkens, RB & O Seehausen (2008) Female mating preference functions predict sexual selection against hybrids between sibling species of cichlid fish. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society B 363: 2871-2877.

Stelkens, RB, Pierotti, MER, Joyce, DA, Smith, AM, van der Sluijs, I & O Seehausen (2008)  Disruptive sexual selection on male nuptial coloration in an experimental hybrid population of cichlid fish. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society B 363: 2861-2870.

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