Publications in press

Kraaijeveld, K, Kraaijeveld-Smit, FJL and ME Maan (in review). Sexual selection and speciation: the comparative evidence revisited. Biological Reviews.

Moshgani, M and TJM Van Dooren (submitted) Maternal and paternal contributions to egg number and egg size variation in the blackfin pearl killifish Austrolebias nigripinnis. OIKOS.

Reumer, BM, JJM van Alphen & K Kraaijeveld (in press) Ecology, Wolbachia infection frequency and mode of reproduction in the parasitoid wasp Tetrastichus coeruleus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). Molecular Ecology.

Rueffler, C, Van Dooren, TJM & JAJ Metz (in revision) The evolution of simple life histories: steps towards a classification. Journal of Mathematical Biology

van der Linde, K & Sevenster, JG (submitted) Local adaptation of development time and starvation resistance in eight Drosophila species of the Philippines. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

Van Dooren, TJM (in press) Adaptive dynamics for Mendelian genetics. In: Adaptive Dynamics in Context (eds. J.A.J. Metz and U. Dieckmann). Cambridge University Press

Van Dooren, TJM (in press) Handedness and asymmetry in scale-eating cichlids: antisymmetries of different strenght. Evolution.

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